Hotel Bellavista and Hotel La Riva take care of nature of Lido Di Ostia

Environmental care of Lido Di Ostia :

Green hospitality is a duty that must be manteined and not a momentary fashion or trend. Inside the district of Ostia Lido there are a plenty of associations which the target is to protect the nature of Lido Di Ostia; one of them is Lipu Onlus that is to create ideal environments for the species of birds in the area.

Another naturalistic environment is the Pinewoood of Castelfusano, a protected area of Lazio region. The pinewood is the biggest green (916 hectares) area of Rome and from 1996 is a part of Natural Reserve of Roman Littoral which it became the home of a lot of variety of trees and several wild animals.

There is also an environment named Oasi di Porto, different from the others because it is close to a lake and for this reason it is full of green. Like the Pinewood, in Oasi di Porto lives many species of plants and a variety of rare migratory birds that have found the ideal place to live.

At the end,in the district of Lido di Ostia, everyone try to take care of the environmental nature that Ostia Lido owns, tourist of this place appreciate this cure and for this reason the Hotel Bellavista and Hotel La Riva try to respect as much as possible the surrounding environment. In light of greater attention towards an environmental conscience and awareness of the importance of the matter, Hotel Bellavista and Hotel La Riva has begun to change many aspects in its own hotellerie. In an experimental way, in the Hotel Bellavista and Hotel La Riva the following points have been implemented:

  • Management of waste,
  • Heating and cooling,
  • Cleansing and maintenance, Sustainability,
  • Lighting system,
  • Biological product,
  • Water consumption,